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Metaflows, Inc. is a California corporation founded in 2007 by Livio Ricciulli, with significant help from Phillip Porras and Matt Jonkman. Livio and Phil collaborated (from 1995 to 2000) at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International where intrusion detection was first developed back in 1983. Following recent compelling research results and prior commercial success, the founders were commissioned by the National Science Foundation and The Army Research Office to commercialize recent, significant results in network security research through the founding of Metaflows in 2007. The resulting product (The Metaflows Security System or MSS) was launched in 2012 and its commercial adoption has been growing organically since then thanks to its strong technical differentiations. Most of the team members at Metaflows have an engineering background and are exclusively focused on product development and customer support.

Despite our lack of marketing focus, Metaflows' products are today enjoying considerable traction because they demonstrably provide an unprecedented combination of cost-effectiveness and sophistication in the detection and prevention of Malware and other network-based attacks.

We are in the heart of the beautiful city of San Diego, right across from Petco Park, MLB home of the San Diego Padres.