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Browser Requirements

The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) requires either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with Adobe Flash. Any host can work as the management console but we recommend a minimum of two gigabytes of memory and a fast CPU. Future versions of our system will drop the Adobe Flash requirement in favor of the WebSockets functionality provided by then HTML5 standard. Google Chrome version 44 and later limits some of the flow analysis functions when a sensor is configured as a server because it does not accept self signed certificates.

Sensor Hardware and Software

The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) sensor software runs on CentOS/RHEL 7, and therefore, can be deployed (1) on dedicated hardware, (2) as a virtual machine, or (3) in any cloud-based instance or VM to monitor other cloud-based assets. The software scales with the hardware and can handle from a few Mbps to 10 Gbps.

The sensor software sniffs network traffic destined to and originating from the endpoints (workstations, server, laptops, mobile devices, etc) to be monitored and protected. Sensors then securely report monitoring data to the browser and the correlation system. Please see The MetaFlows Security System for details on the MSS.

The hardware requirements as a function of sustained inspection speeds are listed below.

System Requirements
Minimum Small Enterprise Enterprise High Performance Ultra High Performance
Hardware cores 1-4 4-8 8-16 32-48 64
Software Threads 1 4 8 32 64
RAM (GB) 4 8 16 64 128
Performance 0-100Mbps 100-250Mbps 250-800Mbps 3-5Gpbs 5-10Gpbs

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