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Any new user registering with MetaFlows is entitled to a free 14-day evaluation of our system upon our approval. If you are a sub-user wanting to gain access to an existing sensor, simply fill in this information to create your user login, and then use the sensor sharing menu.

  • Open with a Firefox or Google Chrome browser.
  • Select the "Create Your Account" link. The user will be redirected to the Registration Form page shown in <xr id="fig:reg_form"/>.
  • Enter the email address, which will be used for for all communication with the MetaFlows Security System (MSS), as the user ID.
  • Enter the password twice.
  • <figure id="fig:reg_form">

    Registration Form
    Registration Form


  • Answer the CAPTCHA challenge.
  • Fill in the appropriate contact information.
  • On the right side of the Registration Form are a few questions that will assist MetaFlows in becoming familiar with the user’s network security needs. Answer the questions before continuing.
  • Read the Licensing Terms and click on the checkbox to accept them and move forward.
  • Look for a welcome message sent to the email address provided. If it does not arrive in five minutes, check the email address’ spam folder to verify that the email was not blocked.
  • Review the registration information provided in the email for accuracy and if there are any errors they can be corrected after logging in.
  • Log in to begin configuring and downloading the new sensor.

First Login

The following window will appear upon logging in for the first time. Review this information to choose the appropriate deployment model. After the first sensor is added or if the user clicks on Don't show me this notice again, this window will not appear anymore after logging in.


Enable Trial

Some new users clicking on Add Sensor, will be prompted to contact MetaFlows to enable the trial and to start the installation process. Send an email to or call 1 (877) 664-7774 so that the trial may be enabled.